John O.

I was referred to Dr. Wade through a business acquaintance and began talking with him about a very serious situation. We walked together through the complex legal issues, the painful emotional issues, and even the matters of the heart. After careful consideration we were able to solve the immediate problems and begin the productive path and the healing process which continues to blossom to this day.

Debra M.

I was in a terrible situation with my husband. We hadn’t got along for years and had lived apart for a total of 13 months.  We had a lot of assets as well as children and grandchildren to consider. With Dr. Wade’s guidance, we were able to sort through the complicated matters of property, children, and most importantly emotions. As a result, we moved through the process of legal separation but remained married and are happier today than we’ve been in years. Thank you Dr. Wade for all your help. It wasn’t easy, but so very worth it!

Charles and Emily B.

Dr. Wade did a great job mediating our situation.  Even when tensions were high, he was able to keep calm and help us calm down and remain productive through the difficult topics of property, children, and emotions.  His helpful suggestions and directions led us to realize that we could make these decisions on our own, without the explosions - for the sake of the children.

Andrew N.

Thank you Dr. Wade for helping us with our complicated custody issues.  What we couldn't do in three years - you successfully guided us through in three hours.  Your intelligence, experience, and relaxed methods were just what we needed.  Thanks again!

Paul S.

Recently we came to Dr. Wade with some of the most difficult issues life has to offer.  Matters we have struggled with for years.  In a very short time, Dr. Hampton guided us through multiple layers of heart wrenching subjects and we were able to see the light and come to positive, lasting conclusions.  Thank you Dr. Wade from the bottom of my heart!

Mark L.

A few years ago we had a situation that was very emotional and Dr. Wade helped us calm down and think more rationally. As a result, we passed through that moment without extreme consequences and are much better today for the help we received from Dr. Wade. 

Josue P.

When we were experiencing difficult times Dr. Wade came to us and guided us through the complicated and heated issues we were facing. His abilities to work with us in a fair and educated manner was quite unique. He treated all parties with fairness and guided us to resolution. Interestingly, we still get along and work together to this day which seems impossible because when we began the process we were miles apart. Thank you Dr. Wade for your patience, wisdom, and guidance through our difficult time.  

Nancy S.

As relational and financial conflict are difficult, disorienting and seemingly devastating, the initial appointment with Dr. Hampton TOTALLY "parted the waters" to see how to move forward with the next steps. His down to earth examples, useful "phrases," practical steps & friendly mannerism helped to navigate the "unknown" way. The appointment was invaluable. Thank you, Dr. Wade!  

Maurice J.

A little while back we had some very tense times with people not wanting to keep their heads cool. Without the help of Dr. Wade, I really think bad things would have happened. As I was going through that time I thought there was no way things would turn out good but it was like a miracle.  Dr. Wade was there and showed a sense of toughness, calm, compassion, guidance, and even spirituality that led us through those moments. I still don’t know how it happened or how he did it but all the people in involved are very grateful to this day.  



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