Online Services


Whether it's counseling, consulting, coaching, or mediation . . . we strive to handle matters as easily as possible.  This means phone calls, texts, emails, and/or tele-conferencing.  Your safety and convenience come first.

If you've considered hiring Dr. Wade to help resolve issues - but for whatever reason, meeting in person would be difficult - online and phone services offer a productive alternative.


What if you and/or interested parties  are located in different geographic locations?  What if your dispute originated in an online transaction and you’ve never even met?  Suppose one of you feels threatened or intimidated by the other and is reluctant to meet in person?  There are a number of reasons to consider a phone or online approach to counseling, consulting, and/or mediation.


During this process we connect all the parties together for a session.  All communication between the parties take place by phone or video conference (i.e. with your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device). 



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