Counseling / Coaching - Consulting - Mediation

Counseling / Coaching - Consulting - Mediation

Counseling / Coaching - Consulting - MediationCounseling / Coaching - Consulting - MediationCounseling / Coaching - Consulting - Mediation

Dr Wade Hampton, PhD, LCC


Whether we call it counseling, consulting, coaching, or mediation . . . our goal is to help people and families SURVIVE and THRIVE!  Basically, we help you achieve the results you've always wanted to achieve - privately and confidentially - in much less time and for far less money than the other methods available.

Around town there are people who can help you accumulate wealth.  We can help you not lose wealth . . . not lose yourself, and not lose your family!  

"Personally, I choose to take care of myself, my spouse, and my children for all the right reasons, knowing full well of the high likelihood my family might not be together in five years because our culture is so very hard on relationships."

You know, we wear seat belts because there's an approximate 92.3% chance of better results if we go boom boom in a car - and yet the odds of getting into an accident are low compared to the odds of separation and divorce. 

We provide the most efficient and cost effective ways to take care of everything that you VALUE most.  Invest in yourself and in your spouse and in your family - invest in your future . . . YOU'RE WORTH IT!

Since 1994, we've been providing tools for life to all walks of life . . . helping them navigate the landmines of life.

With Dr. Hampton's extensive education and vast life experiences we often say, "If you have a pulse . . . we can help!"  We offer free consultation, so give us a call and let's work together to move in awesome directions!

Phone  (816) 343-9111  or  Email  DrWade@DrWade.org 

Dr. Wade Hampton . . . experience you can trust!

The Things you VALUE most!

Take care of what you VALUE most!

The Power of Listening!

Guys, just listen . . . let them know you care!

Free Consultation!

30 minutes of FREE CONSULTATION for both parties! 

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