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"It is said that if you do not heal from what hurt you, then you will bleed on those who didn't cut you!"

Dr. Wade Hampton is highly trained in the areas of counseling, consulting, coaching, mediation, and conflict resolution.  His education as well as personal and professional experience combine to make him very successful at providing tools for life to a wide range of individuals. 

Dr. Wade's counseling style tends to lean toward that of a "coach."  Of course he uses all the normal "counseling" skills but adds the "life coach" element to help his clients actually move in positive directions.  

Since 1994, Dr. Hampton has worked with a wide variety of individuals such as police, fire, EMS, veterans, recovering people, prison inmates, correctional officers, youth, and everyday folks just like you.  His counseling / coaching skills are specifically designed to bring you peace and comfort, “getting right with the world.”  He uses “tried and true” techniques while incorporating his own personal education and experience to deliver highly successful results to all who truly wish to change for the better.  And those positive changes will greatly effect you, those around you, and your children / grandchildren. 

Dr. Hampton is expertly trained to "meet you where you are," and guide you in the positive directions perfectly fitted to you personally.  To get a better feel for Dr. Wade, please check out his short, uplifting videos as seen below, and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and at  www.AskDrWade.com



Dr Wade Hampton, PhD, LCC  is the Founder and CEO of The Hampton Consulting Group, LLC.  We have been providing consulting services since 1994 to a host of clients within the United States and abroad.  Our range of services include consulting, counseling, coaching, public speaking, teaching, mediation, and much more in the areas of business, legal services, law enforcement / security, as well as human behavioral issues.  We have worked with international business clients, assisted lawyers, and helped individuals and organizations large and small.  

Additionally, we've worked extensively with law enforcement, veterans, and the like, to assist with Critical Incident Stress Management and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders using Dr. Wade's own innovative approach.

We have specialized in helping organizations and individuals experiencing difficult times.  For more information on how we can assist you or your organization, please give us a call at (816) 343-9111.

Please be sure to check out his short, helpful, uplifting videos found below and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and at www.AskDrWade.com. 

Understanding Emotional Gravity!

What goes in . . . tends to come out! 

The importance of HEALING PROPERLY!

Heal properly from what hurt you . . . or you will bleed on those who didn't cut you! 

Twice as much time and half as much money!

If you want your children to turn out well . . . spend twice as much time with them and half as much money!  

Don't help the little chick!

Don't help the little chick get out of the egg! 

to see more of these videos, check out AskDrWade.com



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